Monday, May 23, 2011

Aku mau pindah Sweeden

Antara fakta yang menarek minat aku nak pindah Sweeden:
  1. The Swedish healthcare system gives everyone who lives or works in Sweden equal access to heavily subsidized healthcare. The system is taxpayer-funded and largely decentralized, and performs well in comparison with other countries at a similar level of development. (Subsidi perkhidmatan kesihatan kepada semua rakyat tak kira status)
  2. All parents get 480 days of paid leave per child, which must be claimed before the child turns eight. The bulk of parental leave is taken by mothers. But more fathers are spending time at home with their children. They now claim about 20 percent of all parental leave.  (Mak ayah dapat cuti khas bergaji untuk luang masa berharga bersama anak-anak)
  4. Thirty years ago, Sweden became the first nation in the world to prohibit all corporal punishment of children. (NO SPANKING!!)
  6. Children born in Sweden are entitled to child allowance. A parent does not need to apply for child allowance. The child allowance is paid to the parent who is registered with Försäkringskassan. The benefit is paid from the month after the birth of the child or later if the child moves to Sweden. The child allowance is tax-free and is paid until the quarter when the child reaches the age of 16. The child allowance is SEK 1,050 per child per month. Large family supplement is paid automatically if child allowance is received for at least two children. (Ada anak and jaga sendiri, dapat elaun anak)
  8. New dads get ten days off work when their child is born, and then share with their partner a further 480 days of paid parental leave. This allows women to continue to pursue their careers, while allowing men to play a larger role in their children’s formative years. (wah... bapak bleh amek cuti bergaji jaga anak sementara maknye kerja/study).
Lain-lain maklumat berkenaan Sweeden, boleh klik sini:  .

Huhu....tapi sweeden takde budu, belacan, ikan kering, laksam, akok, nasik kandar dsb. Haish... How I wish Malaysian Government ada polisi mcm sweeden. Senang hati mak ayah nak membesarkan anak.

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