Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Payoh baso kalu bos koya tarer, tapi kenyataannya totally ZERO.

I hate my bos !

It really is sad and most unfortunate, but millions of people simple hate the job they have and even hate their boss. Each and everyday these millions of people wake up just to go to a job they hate and work for a boss that they cannot stand.. are you one of them?
How to tell you hate your job:
Do you have to convince yourself to go to work each day? NO
Do you look for reasons not to go to work? NO
Does your energy level drop simply by entering the work place? NO
How to tell if you hate your boss:
Do you avoid your boss at all costs? YES
Do you tell your boss off in your head? YES
When you make eye contact with your boss from across the room, do you think to yourself “Ah crap!” YES
How to tell it’s time to look for a new job:
Do you come home in a bad mood from work 2 or more times a week? NO
Do you find you are lacking energy and the desire to socialize? NO
Do you feel physically ill when thinking about going to work? NO

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