Sunday, January 20, 2008

eZn & eMo finally got engage !!

Baru balik dr selayang. exOffice-mate tunang ari ni. Tak pernah aku tgk org nak tunang ni cakap banyak. ngalahkan tetamu lak. hahaha... tapi ok lah, dah mmg eZn ni mcm tu, always the loud one among others in the office.

Finally, after 3 years of much scandal & gossips in the office (her fiancé, work at the same office), playing hide & seek with bosses & directors, secretly sms'ing each other, gaduh, meroyan , n etcetera. Finally after Ezn left the company, 2 weeks later, that guy fulfill his promise by finally ask her hand in marriage. Wow.. so much thing have happen revolving their love journey. Congratulations dear... harap jadi lar ko kawen on June '08 nanti.

CLAP..!! CLAP..!! CLAP..!!

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