Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Old Blog: Why ah?? (4 May 05)

Why ah??? Are they anti-social or what?? Everytime when we asked to come and join any activity, they just cannot say YES or NO right at that time? Usually they need to ask other people first then after a few minutes of "meeting", then they finally say NO. I don't mind if they took time to think for the right answer, but why do they need other peoples' opinion? What's the hell with that?!! I mean.... don't they have their own brain to think on theirown? Do they really need to consult with other people just to make a very simple decision.

There are also some people that do can make decision quick. Usually the answer is YES. But later, they just hit you back with NO, and it's usually on the last minutes. It's just like "Bang!!" hit you right on your face. After all the planning, just because that last minute "NO", have to postpone or worst cancel it. I really hate that!

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