Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being truely Cancerian

Already stated in any zodiac readings that cancerian are the type that easily lending their hands when FRIENDS in trouble, sensitive, determined, always being misunderstood, hardworking, easy to forgive but never forgets (luper ciri2 lain).

Just got a smack in life that friends are not truly a friend just because they talked to you, they smiled at you, they asked you for some help, ride with you to school. NO!! & also, they are not really a friend just because you've known them since schooldays.

Hanging with different crowd makes ppl looked at others differently. Most of the time a group of ppl will have same kind of perception, like... girly chicks will only think of their OUTlooks ("out"=luaran) and looking forward for future filthy rich husband, school jocks will always think that they will be so ever popular even after they left school (koya forever), and others will always think that the underdogs in school will always be a looser for the rest of their life. Need to avoid these groupie type ppl. They think they are better, they think they are more superior then others. Ppl like these are like hyenas, they hunt in packs. Hunting on single most vulnerable prey they can find.

Maybe you think that my writing is somewhat nonsense & takde makna. But it's my way of letting my heart out.

Now, I’m being truly cancerian.

  • I have been misjudged
  • They who called themselves as my friend have stabbed me on the back
  • I've cried...
  • I've vowed not to forget what they have done to me

Pengajaran: Tak ramai yang ihklas dalam persahabatan.


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