Saturday, October 13, 2007

The proposal sms

Sayang first proposed to me to be his girl on 1 Syawal , 2006. Now, it has been a year (kalau ikut caleder Islam), and untuk memperingati that day, I have sent him back his last proposal sms [the modified version]..
"Sy sepenuh hati sy syg awk.di hari yg baik ni sy nk awk jd bf sy.wak sudi tx?".."Sy ikhlas ni wak, sy dh syg sgt2 kt awk. nk sgt awk jd bf sy".

His reply.....
":-). sy dh xjd bf awk, sy dh jd tunang awk dn xlm lg sy milik awk spnhny spbl sy jd suami awk".

his words made me smiled all nite long. Love Sayang sgt2...

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